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Triangle Fires

2015-02-10 07:00:17 by MondayDelirium


It was another cold day in Hell.

This city is eating at me, driving me crazy.

I feel empty, burnt out.

Working as a P.I. has it’s ups and downs. Tonight I have to find an arsonist.

He messed with the wrong people. Burnt down a warehouse that was being used by Big Boy Reno and his gang for staching their drugs.

They want to find the guy but the cops won’t talk. They wanted the nab the drugs and shut Reno’s bussiness down for years now so this fire was a gift from the heavens.

They still want to find the arsonist, seems the crazy fuck tried to burn down an hospital  or two as well.

They got few to no clues though, so one of Reno’s guys walked into my office says they’ll pay me a good sum for the arsonist’s head.

They want to nail him before the cops do, maybe set his balls on fire too.

I had to commit all the facts of the warehouse fire to memory.

Looked into every fire in town for the last five damn years trying to find a pattern. The Hospitals St Mary and St Julian’s where at oposite sides of town.

I only made the conection because the fires were started the same way.

A bomb. The right chemicals, most of them easy to find on an hospital and some parts and pieces anyone could buy cheap from any hardware store.

Maybe the asshole had been paid to do it, maybe he was crazy or maybe he was both but the bombs found were pretty much the same as the one from the warehouse and the fire fighters report said much of the same stuff was found in the burned remains.

There were a lot of names, people who worked at both hospitals, people who been there sick. Too many. Too many people in this town.

These looked like random places. Looked them in the map tried to draw something from it, figure out where thi guy might have set up shop within the range of these places.

With a pen I connect the dots.

A triangle, perfectly symmetrical. Must be one of those cult assholes. Trying to summon Satan or some stupid shit like that.

Maybe just a coincidence. Just out of curiosity I drew some more traces made them connect at the center.

A Police station, right at the middle of the fucking thing. I laughed.

No one would be stupid enough to blow a police station.


I get my holster, strap it and check my gun and run out while wearing my coat.

Car’s a piece of shit but it’s all I got. I race through town at the middle of the night.

The first and the second hopsital had been set on fire two years apart. Between the second hospital and the warehouse only a couple of months.

I had been looking through the tons of papers for two days now and my guitt was telling me this fucker will probably be setting a new fire sooner than later, numbers running through my head.

Twos and threes.

Warehouse 23 by pier 2O3.

St Mary’s was 223 and St Julian’s was number 230.

The damn police station at Colonel Salierie Avenue was 523.

Diferent streets, diferent parts or town.

Hate this place. Drives people insane and the insane people drive me crazy.

I’m making it to the police station in record time and manage to run anyone over.

I get to the front of the station and barge in, one fat lazy fuck sitting by the counter.

"Hey!" I shout while showing my P.I. card. "There’s some crazy fuck on the loose and he might be about to blow this place up. Did you see anyone weird around?"

The man looks up at me like I’m crazy, probably because I look and act like a damn lunatic but I can almost smell the smoke.

"No, just you buddy. Now tell me why I shouldn’t arrest you."

"Some ass hole blew up Reno’s warehouse by the pier, you knwo the one I bet was all over the news. Tons of drugs reduced to ashes. Same crazy asshole is going to attack here next." No time to explain the details I had to act fast.

"Is there any maintenance guys around? Whoever did set teh damn place on fire attack two hospitals. The icendiary bombs were in the ventilations only a maintenance guy could have put the damn things there without anyone finding it weird!"

The cop’s eyes stared at me blankly then opened wide.

"There’s one that came in late! Said he was new and asked for boiler room!"

He finally gets up his fat ass and runs and me like an idiot run after, he calls some of his pals and shouts some orders as we run for the boiler room.

It’s all too fast.

His gun his out and mine still in the holster, his friend are looking at me funny and their guns are out too.

We bust in to the boiler room.

They start shouting and I see the guy.

Some regular looking idiot ina dirty maintenance uniform.

Guy is holding a package and something tells me this ain’t a damn Christmas gift.

Bastard smiles at the cops and says he’ll blow us all up with him unless we let him go.

Fat guy shoots him the shoulder not thinking twice.

The man rolls on the floor, falls flat on his back but never lets the package hit the ground. In seconds he is surrounded by the cops. they take the package from him and proceed to beat him up.

I see the fat cop and one of his friends open the thing up and sure as hell there’s the dirty damn bomb. The last two days made me no expert but I could see the componenets on the outside. Same ones found charred or melted at the previous fires. Good thing I have one hell of a memory.

The thing has a clock and the thing is ticking, before anyone else can react I pull the green string  and theclock stops.

The two cops stare at me and I can see they are about to go for my throat.

"Big Boy paid me to find this fucker. I read the reports the about this fucker, one of his fire bombs never went off at one of the Hospitals he blew up and the guy from the bomb squad described how he desarmed it."

"How the fuck did you get acces to all of that though?" one of them asked.

"I know a guy" was my answer and I handed him the wire and walked out.

Big Boy’s boy visited me the next day and pretended to be angry.

Told him it was not my fault the arsonist tried to blow up a cop station. I had found the guy and so I met half the contract.

The guy looked at me like he was gonna shoot me.

He paid me half what they had promissed, said Big Boy’s boys in teh bidrhouse would handle the rest.

A mobster pay a private eye to find an arsonist and by this saves a bunch of cops and probably avoids a bloody riot and a damn war on the streets.

Never even learned why the guy did it. Blowing up shit, setting stuff on fire just for the kicks.

This city is crazy.

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